The Africa Healthcare Summit features 60+ high-level speakers from across Africa.  

Day 2

March 7th

Day 1

March 6TH

08.30 Registration & Coffee

09.30 Business Card Exchange Session

10.00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

10.10 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Investing in Africa's Booming Healthcare Sector

  • The latest developments in 2018
  • Market characteristics, developments and trends
  • Emerging developments, challenges and opportunities across Africa
  • The Global Health Programme

10.30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Healthcare Innovation - GE Healthcare (sponsor)

11.30 Morning Networking and Refreshments in the Exhibition Hall

12.00 MINISTERIAL PANEL DISCUSSION: Investment Opportunities & Progress in African Health

  • Key areas for investment
  • Regional overview
  • Public private partnerships
  • Working with international suppliers and service providers
  • Planning ahead for 2020

12.40pm CASE STUDY: Steps for International Companies to Consider When Investing in Africa's Healthcare Market

  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Lessons learnt
  • Risk pooling – the pros and cons
  • Insurance and risk management

13.00  Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition Hall

14.00  Transforming Clinical Healthcare – TPP (sponsor)

14.20 PANEL DISCUSSION OF DISTRIBUTORS: Business and Partnership Opportunities

  • Finding the right partner in Africa
  • Cost effective product distribution
  • Q&A with distributors looking to work with international medical device manufacturers

15.00 PANEL DISCUSSION: An In-depth Discussion with East Africa's Key Stakeholders

  • The demand for medical recruitment and human resources
  • Investing in portable devices
  • Plans for new hospital builds
  • Providing resources for the ageing population

15.40 Afternoon Networking and Refreshments in the Exhibition Hall

16.10 PANEL DISCUSSION: The Opportunities Across Central Africa

  • World Bank countrywide investment
  • Leading in comprehensive health development and coverage
  • Fertility: The emerging market in Gabon
  • Impact investing

16.50 International Case Study: Drawing Comparisons from Other Developing Healthcare Markets

  • What can Africa learn from the more developed systems?
  • Implementing strategies using international examples
  • Examples from Germany, China and Malaysia

17.20 Chairman's Closing Remarks

17.30  Close of Conference and the Networking Party Begins. We invite you all to attend the complimentary Jazz Evening in the Exhibition Hall with food, drink and entertainment.

08.30 Registration & Coffee

09.30 Opening Chairperson Remarks

09.40  KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Expanding Infrastructure for Healthcare

  • Major expansion plans revealed in East, Southern, West and Southern Africa
  • Facilities improvement plans
  • Mapping out the key areas for new hospital builds
  • Moving forward with the future of healthcare infrastructure

10.00 Improving Accessibility to Healthcare Facilities - GE Healthcare (sponsor) 

10.30 Mauritius the Growing Healthcare Market in Africa

  • Major expansion plans
  • Investment opportunities
  • Products and services required to meet the demands
  • Development of high technology facilities

10.50 Morning Networking and Refreshments in the Exhibition Hall

11.20 Using Technology to Enable Enhanced Access to Healthcare

  • The latest innovation
  • Adopting and training on new technology
  • How to ensure cutting edge healthcare technology is used in practice
  • Case study: E Consultations

11.40 PANEL DISCUSSION: Southern Africa – Major Developments and Opportunities

  • Technology innovation 
  • Rural communities adopting innovation 
  • Improving coverage and adequacy of cash transfers
  • Private healthcare investment opportunities

12.20 Innovating Equipment and Processes in Radio Therapy Treatment – Elekta (sponsor) 

12.50 Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition Hall

13.50 PANEL DISCUSSION: Highlighting the Key Areas for Investment Across the Continent

  • Equipment and new technology
  • How to utilise the growing healthcare technology market: A guide from industry leads
  • Industry requirements from health and technology partnerships 

14.30 The Future of Medicine in Africa

  • The latest changes and insights into pharmaceutical regulation in Africa
  • Ensuring quality and standards in the African pharmaceutical industry
  • Pharmaceutical case study
  • Working at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation 

14.50  Health Education and Training: Meeting the Educational Needs of Service Provision

  • Nursing and Midwifery training
  • Expanding hospital staff resources: the requirements of service users
  • Human resources – tackling the issues

15.10 Afternoon Networking and Refreshments in the Exhibition Hall 

15.40 PANEL DISCUSSION: North Africa – A Region for Investment

  • New Investment in Algeria
  • Distribution of health resources
  • Investment in workforce distribution
  • Procurement: Efficiency and development Morocco

16.20 PANEL DISCUSSION: Investing in West Africa

  • Investment for cutting edge equipment
  • Partnerships between financial institutions for health development
  • Private healthcare expansion leaders in development
  • Urban and rural healthcare growth: an infrastructure demand

17.00 Close of Conference