AFrica dental summit 

Day 2

march 7TH

Day 1

March 6TH

08.30 Registration & Coffee

09.00 Business Card Exchange Session

10.00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

10.10 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Outlook for Africa’s Dental Market

  • Regional challenges, developments and opportunities
  • Public and private market overview and outlook
  • Market characteristics - size and growth potential
  • Areas for growth and opportunities for international exporters and investors

10.30 CASE STUDY: Investing in Cosmetic Dentistry and Surgery Expansion

  • Exciting opportunities for dentists
  • Key areas for expansion
  • The cosmetic industry in more detail
  • Effective sales and distribution

10.50 PANEL DISCUSSION: Opportunities Across West Africa

  • The expanding cosmetic dentistry market
  • Merging into new markets
  • Dental tourism
  • International partnerships for investment in the West African dental market

11.30 Morning Networking and Refreshments in the Exhibition Hall

12.00 PANEL DISCUSSION: The Hub for Dental Tourism - North Africa

  • The dental consumables market
  • Periodontology investments
  • The emerging maxillofacial and plastic surgery market

12.40 Understanding the Moroccan Market

  • Key challenges and investment opportunities
  • Infrastructure plans
  • Growth potential
  • Opportunities from the distributors and importers

13.00 CASE STUDY: Egypt – Investment Opportunity Areas

  • New developments in dental tourism
  • Key areas for growth
  • investment in new technology
  • Working with distributors

13.20 Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition Hall

14.20 PANEL DISCUSSION:: The Southern Africa Dental Market

  • The dental implants market
  • Bio-lase technology
  • Using renewable energy to power clinics
  • Investing in orthodontics: leading the trend

15.00 Opportunities for the Dental Fitting and Appliance Market

  • Major developments
  • Dental implants and prosthetics – key areas for investment
  • Opportunities for product and service providers

15.20 Afternoon Networking and Refreshments in the Exhibition Hall 

15.50 Round Table Discussions - Healthcare and Dental

Session 1:  Strategies for Investing in New Dental Technology

Session 2: Are e-Consultations the Future of Healthcare?

Session 3: Investment Opportunities for Improving Infrastructure in Health

17.30 Close of Conference. The Networking Party Begins We invite you all to attend the complimentary Jazz Evening in the Exhibition Hall with food, drink and entertainment.

08.30 Registration & Coffee

09.30 Chairman's Opening Remarks

09.40 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Regional Oral Health Strategy and Development

  • 4 clear objectives to drive the industry forward
  • Oral health planning and policy – the future of legislation
  • Strategy for non-communicable diseases in dentistry
  • The challenges of sourcing a skilled workforce

10.00 CASE STUDY: Tunisian Market - Update from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism

  • Leading areas for expansion
  • Putting Tunisia on the map
  • Key areas for future investment
  • Tunisia's 2020 plan

10.20 PANEL DISCUSSION: Digital Dentistry: The Future of Dentistry

  • Technology adoption life-cycle
  • New technology: the future of better and more effective clinics
  • The use of communication technology in the consulting room
  • The demand for one beam, digital radiography, intra-oral imagining and lasers

11.00 Morning Networking and Refreshments in the Exhibition Hall

11.30 Ministry of Health Kenya: Dental Resources and Expansion Plans

  • Investing in Kenya's developing market
  • What are the opportunities?
  • Kenyan distributors and partnerships
  • The latest developments in dental infrastructure

11.50 PANEL DISCUSSION: East Africa's Dentistry Developments

  • Clinic expansion and development
  • Investing in cutting edge laboratory technology
  • Partnerships to provide oral health and education
  • Investment in further development and training for dentists

12.30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Leadership in Dental Innovation and Expansion

  • Partnerships for mobilising dental health expansion in Africa
  • Importation: The opportunities and challenges
  • Bridging the skills shortage gap

13.10 Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition Hall

14.10 Oral Cancer in Africa: Changing Outcomes Through Investment

14.30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Central Africa

  • Developing dental infrastructure
  • Enhancing accessibility to clinics and resources
  • Distribution challenges and opportunities
  • Strengthening the reach of paediatric dentistry

15.10 CASE STUDY: How Community Investment Affects Dental Health

  • Links to community expansion and dental provision
  • Moving forward with community investment
  • Investing in clinic distribution
  • Opportunities for infrastructure growth in dentistry

15.30 Afternoon Networking and Refreshments in the Exhibition Hall

16.00 Round Table Discussions - Healthcare and Dental

Session 1: Exploring New Opportunities to Diversify dentistry

Session 2: Best Practice in Effective Hospital/Clinic Expansion

Session 3: How Can Effective Sales and Distribution Develop the Healthcare Market 5.30pm Close of Conference