AFrica dental summit 

Day 2

march 7TH

Day 1

March 6TH

08.30 Registration & Coffee

09.30 Business Card Exchange Session

10.30 Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Outlook for Africa’s Dental Market
• Regional challenges, developments
and opportunities
• Public and private market
overview and outlook
• Market characteristics – size
and growth potential
• Areas for growth and opportunities for
international exporters and investors

11.00 CASE STUDY: Investing in Cosmetic
Dentistry and Surgery Expansion
• Exciting opportunities for dentists
• Key areas for expansion
• The cosmetic industry in more detail
• Effective sales and distribution

Dr Arkutu, CEO, Platinum Orthodontics
and Advanced Dentistry

Opportunities Across West Africa
• The expanding cosmetic dentistry market
• Merging into new markets
• Dental tourism
• International partnerships for investment
in the West African dental market

Moderator: Dr Fadahunsi, CEO, Skky Dental

Panellists: Dr Maka, Cheif Public Health
Officer, Ministry of Health Cameroon
Dr Seun, CEO, Platinum Dental Surgery
Dr Nader, CEO, Nader Dental Hospital
Dr Osude, CEO, Trinity Dental Distributors

12.00 Morning Networking and
Refreshments in the Exhibition Hall

for Dental Tourism - North Africa
• The dental consumables market
• Periodontology investments
• The emerging maxillofacial and
plastic surgery market
• Key investment areas

Moderator: Dr Jerrar, President, National Council of the Order of Doctors Dentists of Morocco

Panellists: Dr Chater, Expert in Dental
Affairs, Ministry of Health Tunisia
Dr Ayeub, President, Egyptian
Society of Oral Implantology
Dr Ali Hussein, CEO, Shiny White Dental Centre

13.10 Understanding the Moroccan Market
• Key challenges and investment opportunities
• Infrastructure plans
• Growth potential
• Opportunities from the
distributors and importers.

Dr Jerrar, President, National Council of the
Order of Doctors Dentists of Morocco
Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition Hall

14.30 CASE STUDY: Egypt –
Investment Opportunity Areas
• New developments in dental tourism
• Key areas for growth
• Investment in new technology
• Working with distributors

The Southern Africa Dental Market
• The dental implants market
• Bio-lase technology
• Using renewable energy to power clinics
• Investing in orthodontics: leading the trend

Moderator: Dr Bedford, Maxillofacial
Radiologist/Specialist Lecturer,
University of the Western Cape

Panelists: Dr Ellaya, Dentist, East
Boom Community Health Centre
Dr Musonda, Dentist, Department of Health ZA
Dr Schabort, Director, Cosmetic
and Dental Emporium
Dr Buleni, Founder/ Owner/ Mannager,
Smilez Dental Surgery

15.30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Opportunities
for the Dental Fitting and Appliance Market
• Major developments
• Dental implants and prosthetics
key areas for investment
• Opportunities for product
and service providers

Moderator: Dr De Beer, Cosmetic and
Implant Dentist/ International Team
of Implantology, V&A Waterfront

Panellists: Dr Chandran, Registrar: Specialist
Periodontist and Oral Medicine, Sefako
Makgatho Health Sciences University

16.10 Afternoon Networking and
Refreshments in the Exhibition Hall

Additional Afternoon Africa Healthcare Week Conferences Begin in Dental Summit Hall at 16.30

16.30 Egypt: Moving Towards
Universal Health Coverage
• International comparative Study
• Investing in Health Insurance
as a Social Intervention
• Europe’s investment opportunities

Dr el Teriaky, Minister’s of Health Technical
Office Health Specialist / Senior Technical
Officer, Ministry of Health Egypt.

Africa – A Region for Investment
• New Investment in Algeria
• Distribution of health resources
• Investment in workforce distribution
• Procurement: Efficiency and
development Morocco

Mr Awada, Head of Anesthesiology,
Cairo University
Mr Sami, CEO, Elarby Hospital

17.30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

17.40 Close of Conference.

The Networking Party Begins. We invite you all to attend the complimentary Jazz Evening in the Exhibition Hall with food, drink and entertainment. And Africa Healthcare Awards!

08.30 Registration & Coffee

09.30 Chairman’s Opening Remarks

09.40 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Regional Oral
Health Strategy and Development
• 4 clear objectives to drive the industry forward
• Oral health planning and policy
the future of legislation
• Strategy for non-communicable
diseases in dentistry
• The challenges of sourcing a skilled workforce

10.00 CASE STUDY: Tunisian Market - Update
from the Ministry of Health and the
Ministry of Tourism
• Leading areas for expansion
• Putting Tunisia on the map
• Key areas for future investment
• Tunisia’s 2020 plan

Dr Chater, Expert in Dental affairs at Tunisian
Ministry of Health, Tunisia Ministry of Health

Dentistry: The Future of Dentistry
• Technology adoption life-cycle
• New technology: the future of better
and more effective clinics
• The use of communication technology
in the consulting room
• The demand for one beam,
digital radiography,
• intra-oral imagining and lasers

Moderator: Dr Shumbusho, CEO, Smile 360

Panellists: Dr Mutyabule, CEO, Pan Dental Surgery
Dr Vinayak, CEO, Platinum Dental Surgery
Prof Azim, CEO, Maadi Dental Centre

11.00 Morning Networking and
Refreshments in the Exhibition Hall

11.30 Ministry of Health Kenya: Dental
Resources and Expansion Plans
• Investing in Kenya’s developing market
• What are the opportunities?
• Kenyan distributors and partnerships
• The latest developments in dental infrastructure

Africa’s Dentistry Developments
• Clinic expansion and development
• Investing in cutting edge laboratory technology
• Partnerships to provide oral
health and education
• Investment in further development
and training for dentists

Moderator: Dr Loughnane, Training
Programme Advisor, Bridge2 Aid

Panellists: Dr Mundia, Dental Surgeon, Executive Director and Founder, Dentcare Kenya Foundation
Lorna Carneiro, Mannager,Tanzania
Dental association

12.30 A Foundation for Successful
Expansion and Development
• The importance of establishing a culture of
patient safety with education and investment.
• An overview of the current state of
patient safety in dentistry ( Zambia).
• A guide to investment in quality,
care and resources.
• How organisations can achieve
clinical effectiveness.
• Examining equipment, staffing and access
to resources. How can this be improved?

Dr Muyovew, CEO, Dazzling Dental Clinic

13.00 Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition Hall

14.00 Giving Dentistry the Spotlight
• Ensuring adequate funding
is given to dentistry
• Where will the investment opportunities be
• Allocation of resources
• Moving forward in Uganda

Dr Magara, CEO, Jubillee Dental Clinic

14.20 PANEL DISCUSSION: Central Africa an
overview from a Central African Ministry’s
• Developing dental infrastructure
• Enhancing accessibility to
clinics and resources
• Distribution challenges and opportunities
• Strengthening the reach of
paediatric dentistry

15.00 CASE STUDY: Why do we
Still use Amalgams in Africa?
• Opportunities to invest in new material
• Advancement in composite: What
is the future for Africa?
• Financial implications

Dr Rojas, CEO/ Owner, Biological Dentistry ZA

15.20 An overview from the Senegalese Ministry
• Dental improvements
• Investment
• Overview
• What is next?

15.40 Afternoon Networking and
Refreshments in the Exhibition Hall

Additional Afternoon Africa Healthcare Week Conferences Begin in Dental Summit Hall at 16.00

16.00 Oncology investment in Africa: An
overview form the Egyptian Ministry of Health
• World leading diagnostic and therapeutic
technologies: Exploring Proton Therapy
and Cyper Knife technology In depth:
• What other devices that can improve the
healthcare out come for cancer patients?
• Business models applicable to low and
middle income countries: How can they
enter this type of devices market?
• Paediatric oncology: A successful
hospital model

Hala Zaid, Assistant for Minister of Health
and Population, Ministry of Health Egypt

16.20 Panel Discussion: An Overview
from the Deans and Professors
• Investment in education
• What is next for Africa’s Medical university’s
• University fit-out
• What is needed from the international market?
• Teaching equipment - Wish lists

Panellists: Dr Marimo, Dean, School of
Medicine, Cavendish University Zambia
Prof Rulisa, Dean, School of Medicine
and Pharmacy, University of Rwanda

17.00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

17.10 Close of Conference